Founder Kristi Maggio has worked in the education space for over 20 years. In 2013 after 13 years in the public school system in the United States, she knew she needed to do something to change what was happening with the two-thirds of the students that didn’t fit into the traditional box of the current system. After continuously watching too many children fail and feel inadequate, as if there was something wrong with them, knowing it wasn’t them but the system that doesn’t work for every student, she decided to take action. In an effort to help these young people, she realized she couldn’t change the system from the inside, and therefore, she left and started creating a system based on what was lacking.

Since then, the experiences and research of what needs to change have brought Maggio Multicultural Academy to the present model that it offers today. This model’s foundation is entrepreneurship, which incorporates life skills (often referred to as soft skills), learning how to learn instead of what to learn, using project and performance based practices related to real world needs, and finally, including a specialization in a specific career area.

Now all students upon graduating from high school will have the opportunity to receive employment in their specialized field with the ability to earn a greater salary, avoiding the expensive costs and debt incurred from higher education.

Under the traditional system students are graduating high school and even university without the necessary skills that they need to be successful in the future, which include a limited mindset and not realizing their full potential.

  • We inspire students to be curious and love learning.
  • We encourage independent learning to build accountability and responsibility in your child based on 21st Century Skills.
  • We offer success mentoring programs to provide support to all students so they can truly reach their full potential.
  • We help families and children reach their educational needs to adapt to their learning style by using a performance and project based approach.

Kristi Maggio


Failure does not exist. F.A.I.L. = First Attempt In Learning

School Mission


To create a global community that provides access to equal and inclusive education and employment opportunities for every student no matter who they are or where they come from. All students will graduate with a diploma from the United States and a specialization in their area of choice to be ready for the future.
School Vision


To make a positive impact in the lives of 1 billion students in the next 10 years and be recognized globally as the top virtual learning academy in the K-12 space for effectively preparing its students with the skills necessary to get employment in their area of specialization, start their own business or go on to higher education, upon graduation.
Cross-Disciplinary Instruction


Our teachers are facilitators, and our students are the teachers. According to the National Training Laboratory, most students only remember about 10% of what they read from textbooks but retain nearly 90% of what they learn through teaching others. We are creating leaders, not test takers who can apply their knowledge to the world around them through project and performance based learning.

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