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We encourage independent learning to build accountability and responsibility in your child based on 21st Century Skills.
Kristi Maggio
Founder Maggio Multicultural Academy

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We help families and children reach their educational needs to adapt to their learning style by using a performance and project based approach.
Tatiana Benitez (Spain) Mother of Ava

It's clear that my daughter Ava has made such incredible progress because of the foundation you gave her over the 2 years she was at Maggio Multicultural Academy. It is solid and quality, so thank you so much for contributing to my daughter's early education.

Jaslie Noel (Haiti) Mother of Ameida

I present myself as a very satisfied parent, and I can express with confidence that Maggio Multicultural Academy is one of the best schools that my daughter Ameida Noel could have studied at. Miss Kristi put all her knowledge and her love so that the children have the education they deserve. The subjects and methods are at the top level, and it is incredible the fast and effective way children can learn with Kristi. She is a professional in education; she is understanding and loves children as if they were her own. With Kristi Maggio it's more than going to a school, it’s being part of a family. My daughter has been with Maggio Multicultural Academy for 4 years, and I am super happy and satisfied.

Liana Belash (Kazakhstan) Mother of Arseniy

Kristi Maggio, I want to thank you for your work as my son's teacher! 🙏🏻 You are the best teacher I have ever encountered! ❤️ You find an approach to the child right away, and the child is happy to run to each lesson with you! 😄👍🏻Most importantly, the result is obvious to everyone who knows my son. When he began to study with you, these were only separate words that he could say, and now he is already talking on different topics! Thank you very much for your work! 🙏🏻 You are making an invaluable contribution to the development of every child you work with! ❤️

Olga Atance (Spain) Mother of Elena

I met Kristi through a co-worker, and she certainly wasn't wrong to recommend her service to me. Kristi is close and attentive, as well as very professional. She considers the personal needs of each child. She is a very dynamic teacher, who encourages you to participate. She lets the kids express themselves and has always been fabulous. She's practical, super clear, patient, and loving. She has a lot of energy that is stimulating, and she knows how to give exercises that are fun to do. She's very creative. Her classes are an enjoyment, my daughter started with her because she needed to improve her English, and finally 2 years ago I took her out of the school she was in, and I enrolled her for all classes with Kristi. You get personal service and sincere treatment, and there is really nothing more you can ask for. (2013 – 2021)

Danika Hynes (New Foundland) Former Teacher

It's an absolute pleasure to be surrounded by such a wonderful staff and the sweetest little people from all over the world. At MMA all children learn, play and grow in a caring environment.

Jasmine Dermenjyan (Romania) Hair Stylist

For me Kristi Maggio is a great teacher!!! I consider her a big professional and a very kind teacher! I recommend her and her school! 5+++

Jasmine Dermenjyan (Romania) Hair Stylist

For me Kristi Maggio is a great teacher!!! I consider her a big professional and a very kind teacher! I recommend her and her school! 5+++

Karina Jensen (Norway) Mother of Timo

We are so happy, and MOST important, so is our son. He loves his great teachers, and new friends.

Mariano Moreno (Spain) Financial Director Vista Sol Resort and Spa

My teacher Kristi is wonderful. She is number one. I have taken classes with her for almost a year, and she taught me a lot to speak English better. When I went to New York, it was nice to speak with the people. Classes are interesting, and I always like class time. I highly recommend Kristi.

Micheiry Perez (Dominican Republic) Former Student

I have 2 years studying English with Kristi. When I started taking classes, I didn’t know any English. Now I know English, and I have friends from other countries that only speak English, and I can speak with them and understand everything they say. I love having class with Kristi. She teaches me pop songs that I listen to and takes me to learn in stores and other places that help me learn in a different way.

Apollinariya Medenko (Russia) Former Student

I study English and Spanish with Kristi. I like her classes and her program. She teaches me so well, and I can speak so fast. I am doing much better in my English, and I am just starting to learn Spanish. She helps me with anything I need, and she always gives me good advice. Thank you so much Kristi!