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When most companies hiring at this moment are saying that their new recruits lack the basic skills necessary to function at basic level positions, that tells me there is a serious problem. So, when we’re talking about education and what education should be, we need to ask ourselves what should the outcome be once a child graduates? What do I want that to be for my own child or grandchildren?

You have the right to achieve whatever you set your mind to!

A good education helps us learn how to learn and can be applied to the real world. It can help solve problems. It provides the student with the ability to think critically, to properly communicate, and empathize with the world around them. As well, education should allow for collaboration, teamwork, and the ability to understand that no matter who you are or where you come from, you have the right to achieve whatever you set your mind to. Now let me ask, do you think this is the education your child is receiving today?
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A Cross Curriculum Strategy Makes the Difference

— Bávaro, Dominican Republic.

Top Virtual Academy

OUR GOAL is to be recognized globally as the top virtual learning academy in the secondary school space (7-12) for effectively preparing its students with the skills necessary to get employment in their area of specialization, start their own business or go on to higher education, upon graduation.

This year we will begin collaborating with Team Caveo. Team Caveo is dedicated to making careers in Information Technology available to all regardless of geographic location or socioeconomic status. Their goal is to create centers of excellence around the world; developing and offering pools of highly skilled talent to serve the IT needs of the international business community. As one of our specialization areas, we are creating greater opportunities for our students upon graduation!

Entrepreneur Academy

The foundation of our high school program is entrepreneurship. Don’t let this fool you into thinking all of our students will work in the world of business, on the contrary. Entrepreneur has become such a “buzz” word recently that people often misunderstand what an entrepreneur is.