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Maggio Multicultural Academy provides our youngest students with a superior educational experience that is personalized, learner-focused, engaging and intrinsically motivating. By understanding your child’s needs, we ensure they are prepared to succeed. We build confidence, help them believe in themself and in their unique talents and strengths.

Maggio Multicultural Academy

Maggio Multicultural Academy is our in-person option located in Bávaro, Dominican Republic. It is set to re-open in a new location in September 2022. It is a bilingual school of educational excellence that prides itself on helping children reach their full potential no matter who they are or where they come from. All of our teachers speak English so it is a full immersion experience for those students that are English Language Learners.

Maggio Multicultural Virtual Academy

Our virtual academy is a homeschool option offered to our students around the world. In grades 1 & 2, students need guidance and assistance from their parent, guardian or an adult supervisor. In grades 3-5, lessons reflect the student’s growing abilities. Much of the instruction on the computer is designed for students to engage with independently. Lessons that require adult guidance are indicated in the weekly lesson plan.

Our curriculum is based on American Learning Standards, however our educational model and philosophy are of a modern approach. Our shift is from traditional, teacher centered classes to learner focused, with a mix of independent and collaborative learning, that is personalized, applicable and relevant to what students need today. We work relentlessly to ensure our students have the necessary skills and practical  experience to be successful in any industry.

Our philosophy of education is based on where the future of education needs to go. It is a difficult task to be given the responsibility of guiding and preparing children for the realities of this world. It is one that goes beyond providing mere knowledge. Education has multiple factors that go with it, and it is not an area in which one can briefly describe and be able to encompass all the facets that it involves.

However, there are two qualities that describe most people in this field, number one being a deep love and passion for helping others be successful and number two finding any way possible to ensure those that depend on you are able to succeed. The realities of those able to receive a proper education are very different depending on where you go in the world. Although education should be a basic human right provided equally to all children, we can confidently state that this is not the case, especially in most third world countries. Therefore, it is the duty of this school to ensure equal education and employment opportunities to all our students, a curriculum based on individual needs and learning styles, to ensure they graduate with the skills that will make them ready for the future world they will live in. This will include project-based learning, problem solving, critical thinking, the use of case studies and real-world issues, as well as imagination and innovation.



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